Direct mail is amazingly effective and Omnia is here to make your project as easy and cost-effective to you as possible.

Reasons to use Omnia Print and Mail services for Direct Mail Marketing:

Audience Targeting

Better Audience Targeting

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Spend your money wisely.  Mail marketing is only as good as the audience that receives it.  We can help you target the right potential customers, so that you don’t waste money mailing to folks who aren’t interested in your product/service.

Discount Mailing

Discounted Postage Rates

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Why pay more.  We can do it cheaper than you can by using our discounted postage rates.

Marketing Mailing List

Custom Mailing Lists

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We can help you determine what is the best criteria for your marketing goal.  Our professionals do this all the time, and we offer our insights to you.

How Direct Mail Works…

To get started, send an email anytime and with your mailing list (and artwork, if applicable) file attached.

We’ll prepare the proofs for your approval, print your direct mail in full color, address and sort the cards in just a few days.

Our outstanding customer service, quality printing, and mailing help to make small businesses grow by avoiding the costly requirements of typical direct mail promotions.

At Omnia, we want to help you save time, allowing you to focus on the more important aspects of your business.

We offer different types of Direct Mail services, so that you can choose what’s best for your company.

Our Mail Services

Our mail services include (but are not limited to):


  Tabbing (for brochures & folded cards)

  Processing one mailing list

  Presorting & USPS documentation

  Inkjet setup/addressing

  Delivery to post office


Self-mailers (brochures, menus, etc.) don’t need an envelope, so they’re a low-cost option. They’re made from a single folded sheet of paper or card stock and are sometimes tabbed or glued to keep closed.

Best For:

  Explaining products and services in depth

  Offering lots of coupons

Direct Mail Printing and Mailing Services

Direct mail printing and mailing services are available for most printed items, some examples being:


  Single Fold Brochures

  Trifold Brochures

  Folded Postcards

  & More!

Contact our Mailing Specialists today to discuss your next campaign and how Omnia can help you grow!