We Can Handle Any Mailing, Start To Finish!

OMNiA, formed by merging three long-established mailing companies within the Charlotte-Metro area (Absolute Direct Mail, Metro Printing & Mailing, and Lead Source Marketing), will provide the outstanding service that comes from combining over 30 years of mailing service experience. Rest assured that you can let our experienced professionals handle every detail of your mailing needs.

Getting your mailing noticed is the name of the game and OMNiA can provide the turnkey services it takes to make that happen for any mailing project.

We can assist you from start to finish with design, printing & targeted mailing list of your ideal mail piece. No need to research postal regulations or source multiple outlets because your relationship with OMNiA is friendly, fast, and flexible.

For more information or to get started on your mailing project, reach out to our staff today and let us know what your needs are and how OMNiA can be of service to you.